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That is the world of the znet group:

  • zara® simple customs software
  • zecur® secure customs clearing
  • zafir® precise customs consulting

Real customs officers, 20 years of customs experience, 3 specialist units. These are several reasons for making your custom handling easier in the future. And this especially because we are not only talking about simplicity, we realise it. Nowadays, more and more of the leading companies in Germany rely on our top portfolio.

Customs – a fascinating and extremely diverse field that demands absolute precision, dependability, and certainty. At znet, our minds are always on customs. We transform the challenges of your day-to-day business into perfectly interlocking, smart, and sustainable solutions. Now, with a team of over 30 professionals and at seven different sites. We can offer you 3 compact solution units with the most intense concentration of customs competence today’s market has ever seen. From intuitive customs software with unrivalled customs logic and the first nation-wide customs competence team to guarantee companies maximum time- and cost-efficiency, to cloud-based customs data backup. And all this with the segment’s most persuasive value for money.

It is therefore not surprising that also in the future we will be facing important customs projects in order to increase your company’s efficiency. And our customers like Abbott, Krombacher, Lufthansa, UPS and over 500 more appreciate it everyday! And we hope that you too will soon be saying, “Yes, znet is what we need”.

And it goes even further:
In 2017, znetgroup became a part of the WiseTech Global Group. WiseTech Global is a leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally. Its customers include more than 6,000 of the world’s logistics companies across more than 125 countries.

Its flagship product, CargoWise One, forms an integral link in the global supply chain and executes more than 34 billion data transactions annually. View our press release here for additional details about our relationship with WiseTech Global.


Werner Tholl
CEO znet group

“Are You on the pulse of the customs market? Get it done soon.”

Werner Tholl, CEO znet group