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customs from a to znet

zara®processing –
your customs costs reducer

Inward & outward processing –
compact and simple.

  • The customs-intelligent solution
    for processing arrangements
  • Professional management of your
    processing warehouse
  • Inventory management included
  • With report and deadlines radar
  • Seamlessly integrated into zara®



before pleasure:

zara® inward processing module

  • 100% customs-precise handling of the IPR suspension arrangements
  • Simplified registration via local clearance procedure
  • Automatic settlement
  • In perfect synergy with zara® export to complete the customs procedure
  • As a module within zara®

zara® outward processing module

  • 100% customs-compliant & economical
  • Simplified outward processing and normal procedure for reimporting with zara® import
  • Parts list management incl. interface
  • Always with current export value upon reimportation
  • As a module within zara®

Start saving a great deal of money and work now
with zara®processing from znet.

zara® bonded warehouse –
every type in stock

Global management
for your bonded warehouse.

  • Comprehensive management of
    warehouse types C, D and E
  • Automatic connection
    to your warehouse system
  • Convenient inventory and
    movement lists
  • Seamlessly integrated into zara®



Bonded warehouse in znet format –
more customs-clever & efficient than ever before:

  • Entry into the bonded warehouse
    (procedure 7100)
  • Exit from the bonded warehouse (procedures 4071, 3171, 5171 etc.)
  • All important inventory management types (e.g. FIFO, batch-related) included
  • Inventory comparison with the upstream system in real time
  • In perfect synergy with zara®import and zara®export

Start optimising your customs
workflow with zara® bonded warehouse.

zara® confirmation of arrival –
100% VAT exemption

EU movement of goods –
clever and time-saving.

  • Your intelligent, audit-
    proof confirmation of arrival
  • All documents included
  • Constant tracking of all
    key data & feedback
  • Including all interfaces
    & a multi-lingual system
  • Seamlessly integrated into zara®



Your destination country confirmation for
guaranteed VAT exemption:

  • Audit-proof including all documents
  • Automatic e-mail dispatch as PDF document
  • Simple recipient feedback system by clicking “consistent” or “inconsistent”
  • Constant monitoring & reminders for pending confirmations of arrival
  • Automatic handling of electronic feedback incl. archiving for up to 10 years
  • Uploads of scanned alternative confirmations possible at any time
  • Easy documents download for VAT audit
  • Seamless workflow with inventory management & accounting systems
  • All popular data formats (XML, CSV, ASCII, SAP IDoc etc.)
  • E-mails & confirmation of arrival also available in English & French with one click
  • Also available in other languages via language module

You no longer have to leave anything to chance –
with zara®confirmation of arrival

zara® preference calculation –
all rules included

Customs-precise tracking
of preference rules.

  • Determination of origin incl.
    forecast function
  • Professional management of
    supplier declarations
  • NEW: Price calculation for
    purchasing optimisation
  • Seamlessly integrated into zara®



Duty reductions and exemption from duty can now be tracked even more precisely:

  • Exact handling of preference rules
  • All basic and alternative rules included
  • Integrated tariff group management
  • Parts list management with bill of material explosion
  • Compatible with your upstream systems, e.g. SAP etc.
  • Developed by the ATLAS customs pioneers

Opt for maximum reduction of customs costs
with zara® preference calculation.

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